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12 Signs Your Workplace Is Toxic

Your work environment can make a huge impact on your health, which is why it's so important to ensure that you're not only happy with the work, but you're happy and comfortable with the people, too. Here are some signs that your workplace is toxic—and what you should do about it.

Fired employee packing the box and quitting the jobYAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV/Shutterstock

You feel like you could get fired at any minute

Some workplaces are characterized by high levels of uncertainty, high turnover, and constant change, which often make employees feel fearful and anxious, explains Jerry O'Keefe, national director for Employee Assistance Programs at Kaiser Permanente. However, this is not necessarily normal—or healthy. "Persistent worrying about situations that are out of your control can cause long-term physical and emotional distress," he says. "Staying or becoming resilient is the best way to weather challenging times in our lives, as doing so focuses your energy on the things you can control and that keep you healthy, like eating right, exercising, sleeping well, and taking care of your emotional health and well-being." These are the signs you can't trust your boss.

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You're never truly out of office

"Between the laptops that go home with us each night and the smartphones we carry in our pockets seven days a week, it's rare that employees are ever truly 'off the clock,'" says O'Keefe. "But being poised to react or respond at all times has been shown to take a toll on overall mood and energy levels, causing unhealthy spikes in stress hormones." He recommends working with your manager to set boundaries when it comes to your workload so that you're not taking it home at night on a regular basis or working while on vacation or over the weekend. "Setting limits will allow you the leisure 'down' time needed to recharge, and it will make you a more productive employee—a win-win for everyone." Next, don't miss these 36 simple ways to make your workplace less stressful.

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