10 Best Companies to Work For

In a time when many companies are cutting back, there are still those that give their workers generous salaries and

In a time when many companies are cutting back, there are still those that give their workers generous salaries and treat them to enviable extras, as Fortune discovered in compiling its annual list of 100 Best Companies to Work for. Dust off your resume and send one out to these top ten.

1. SAS

Location: Cary, NC Employees: 5,629

Reason it rates: For the second year in a row, this software firm takes top honors for its many great perks, including an on-site gym and healthcare facility, as well as cheap childcare.

2. Boston Consulting Group

Location: Boston, MA Employees: 1,713

Reason it rates: A record number of recruits were drawn here in 2010 not only by the hefty salaries but by the company’s commitment to social causes (managers took staff off work-related projects so they could help in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake).

3. Wegman’s Food Markets

Location: Rochester, NY Employees: 39,255

Reason it rates: This supermarket chain may have a lot of employees, but they aren’t just faces in the crowd. Workers are encouraged and rewarded to take part in fitness and diet challenges and are offered free flu shots to boot.

4. Google

Location: Mountain View, CA  Employees: 21,086

Reason it rates: Every employee got a 10% pay hike last year at this tech giant, where free haircuts, game rooms and 11 gourmet cafeterias are among the many additional lures.

5. NetApp

Location: Sunnyvale, CA  Employees: 5,455

Reason it rates: What could be more enticing than cash, cash and more cash? Hourly executive assistants earn $76,458 a year in salary, with a bonus of over $21,000 on top of that. Workers also like the job flexibility and the lack of micromanagement at this computer storage and data management firm.

6. Zappos.com

Location: Henderson, NV  Employees: 1,843.

Reason it rates: There is such a thing as “free lunch” at the famed online shoe retailer, and though Amazon has taken them over, the corporate culture remains pleasantly offbeat. Their motto? “Create fun and a little weirdness.”

7. Camden Property Trust

Location: Houston, TX  Employees: 1,719

Reason it rates: This apartment management firm believes in its people and they return the favor (going so far as to pitch in when pay had to be trimmed). The best extra? Vacation rentals in company-owned properties for just $20 a night.

8. Nugget Market

Location: Woodland, CA Employees: 1,240

Reason it rates: Workers are motivated on in-store big-screen TVs and are rewarded monetarily every day at this nine-store supermarket chain—the spot bonuses range from $20 to $1,500.

9. Recreational Equipment (REI)

Location: Kent, WA Employees: 9,380

Reason it rates: You’re entitled to discounts on clothing of up to 75% if you work for this adventure-gear retailer. Plus, if you clock in for 15 years in a row, you’re entitled to a four-week paid sabbatical (and one every five years after that).


Location: Glendale, CA Employees: 1,994

Reason it rates: Making movies like Shrek and Megamind sounds like fun in and of itself, but the staff here can also enjoy free movie screenings and take part in on-campus art and yoga classes if they wish.

Source: Fortune magazine

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