10 Best Picture-Inspired Recipes for Oscar Night

If you’re throwing a Hollywood party, these film-inspired food and drink ideas are worthy of earning you the accolade of best host.

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James Franco and Anne Hathaway will serve as co-hosts of the 83rd Academy Awards, Oscars.

If you’re throwing a Hollywood party, one thing’s for sure: these film-inspired food and drink ideas are all worthy of earning you the accolade of best host.


[aggregated-item image_url=”” title=”Black Swan” ]
A swan-shaped cookie cutter makes it easy to create Swan Lake sugar cookies. All you need is your favorite basic dough recipe, a sugar glaze and food coloring.

[aggregated-item image_url=”” title=”The Fighter” ]
A spread of Irish soda bread, sliced in party-size portions, is sure to be a knock out. Another idea: Pick up a set of alphabet cookie cutters and use the K & O to create boxing-themed cookie sets for guests.[/aggregated-item]

[aggregated-item image_url=”” title=”Inception” ]
Dreamsicle Jello shots are the most suitable shooters for celebrating Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi mystery, Inception.  A package of orange JELL-O and vanilla liqueur is all you’ll need.[/aggregated-item]

[aggregated-item image_url=”” title=”The Kids are Alright” ]
Pay accolades to The Kids are Alright with a bottle of Mommy’s Time Out, or stay true to the conception theme with a platter of deviled eggs or egg salad finger sandwiches.[/aggregated-item]

[aggregated-item image_url=”” title=”The King’s Speech” ]
You’ll earn laurels for serving this regal Crown Roast. Recipe critics say it’s easier than it looks. Guests will be speechless.[/aggregated-item]

[aggregated-item image_url=”” title=”127 Hours” ]
Offer guests Knot Marks the Spot Trail Mix bars, inspired by the survival story of a mountain climber forced to desperate measures after a solo canyoneering trip takes a turn for the worst. Prepare the <recipe> and serve with bamboo-knotted skewers.[/aggregated-item]

[aggregated-item image_url=”” title=”The Social Network” ]
Become a fan of The Social Network by making these clever ‘Like This’ Status Sugar cookies. All you’ll need is this thumbs up cookie cutter and your favorite dough recipe.[/aggregated-item]

[aggregated-item image_url=”” title=”Toy Story 3″ ]
Disney makes it easy to celebrate Toy Story 3 with its recipe for green alien cupcakes.[/aggregated-item]

[aggregated-item image_url=”” title=”True Grit” ]
No dish better commemorates the Coen brothers’ adventure-drama True Grit better than, well, grits! Head to AllRecipes.com for a top 20 list of its readers’ favorite grits recipes.[/aggregated-item]

[aggregated-item image_url=”” title=”Winter’s Bone” ]
Recreate the rustic tone of Winter’s Bone with a tray of sweet and salty haystacks. Spice up the party further by mixing up some Jack’s Log Cabin cocktails.[/aggregated-item]

[aggregated-item image_url=”” title=”” ]
Visit oscar.go.com to learn more about the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony.[/aggregated-list-wrapper]

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