10 Crazy Ice Pop Recipes You Can Make at Home

We’ve scoured the Web for the best, freshest, and wackiest recipes for you to make at home.

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Think ice pops only come in a few boring flavors? Think again!  We’ve scoured the Web for the best, freshest, and wackiest recipes for you to make at home. Simply purchase an ice pop mold of your choice, some ice pop sticks, and fresh ingredients and start freezing up some new frozen treats.

Hibiscus mint ice pops

Delicious hibiscus plants, lime juice, and mint combine to make a flowery explosion of flavor in this unique and flavorful ice pop recipe.

Coconut curry ice pops

Coconut milk mixed with fresh ginger, curry powder, and chili powder works as a great dessert to cool off from a spicy Indian meal.

Fruit salad ice pops

Chop up your favorite fruit into bite-sized chunks, add to your ice mold and top with fresh white grape juice for a beautiful and tasty ice pop treat.

Papaya agua fresca pops

Honey, fresh papaya, and lime juice make for a delicious Latin-inspired ice pop that’s perfect for warm summer days.

Avocado-cilantro ice pops

Finish a Mexican meal with this guacamole-like ice pop that’s packed with freshness and flavor.

Thanksgiving pops

Pureed pumpkin, heavy cream, and allspice make a frozen pumpkin pie ice pop that brings a bit of Thanksgiving to your freezer.

Cappuccino ice pops

Your favorite coffee house drinks in a portable, frozen form – what could be better? Heavy cream makes this frozen treat a true delight.

Caramel corn ice pops

Mixing frozen corn kernels, bite-sized caramel pieces, and a hint of chili powder will give you a sweet and savory frozen treat that really pops!

Mojito ice pops

Take your favorite Mojito recipe and pour into ice pop molds for an adult ice pop treat.

Fennel-pernod ice pops

Pernod is a type of anise (licorice) flavored liqueur and when frozen with fresh fennel, you’ll give your licorice-loving taste buds a real treat.

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