10 Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

Create a memorable way for kids to understand and celebrate Independence Day by making Fourth of July crafts. 1. Uncle

Create a memorable way for kids to understand and celebrate Independence Day by making Fourth of July crafts.

1. Uncle Sam hat treat holders

Make festive treat holders to take to the fireworks display or the neighborhood picnic. Using styrofoam cups, glue, felt, stickers, ribbon, or anything else you have on hand, create a bunch of Uncle Sam hats to hold popcorn, candy, fruit, or veggie sticks.

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2. Patriotic pinwheel

Help kids craft a patriotic pinwheel using heavy construction paper, scissors, hole punch, push-pin, pencil with eraser, and crayons or markers. Cut decorated construction paper into perfect squares, fold, and attach to the pencil. This whimsical craft will keep the fun going much longer than fireworks!

3. Liberty bells

Blue construction paper, empty oatmeal can, paint, string, and some creativity will help you and your child create a replica of the Liberty Bell to display proudly on the front porch.

4. Fourth of July coffee filter flowers

Coffee filter flowers are a versatile way to celebrate any occasion. Make them especially for Independence Day by dying coffee filters with red and blue watercolors. After painting the coffee filters, allow them to dry and then cut into strips and twist with festive chenille stems. You’ll have a basket of flowers that will never fade.

5. Patriotic friendship bracelets

Brush up on your friendship bracelet skills by teaching your kids this timeless craft. Gather embroidery thread in patriotic colors, even throw in gold or silver too and create wonderful bracelets to wear all summer long.

6. Hand and footprint bald eagle

Trace kids’ feet and hands on brown construction paper and glue to a piece of heavy-duty construction paper, add a few decorations and features and you’ve got a Bald Eagle! Laminate the creation as a keepsake of those tiny hands and feet.

7. Forever fireworks

Colorful pipe cleaner stems, glitter, glue, and string make fun, safe fireworks. Little ones can help pick out the colors and help glue the sparkly glitter to the pipe cleaners for their personalized firework display.

8. Patriotic windsock

Decorate a blue plastic cup with stickers, glitter, and anything patriotic that you have on hand and attach long strands of red and white ribbon inside the cup. Make a hole in the bottom of the cup and make a loop with a pipe cleaner or ribbon, flip over and hang outside the front door to welcome guests to your home.

9. Patriotic lanterns

Heavy-duty red, white, and blue construction paper, safety scissors, glue, and a craft punch are all the ingredients it takes to make a festive lantern or two for your home. Help kids fold and cut the lantern to shape and add a few extra decorative touches.

10. Fourth of July salt dough pins

Using a simple salt dough recipe, cut out patriotic shapes, bake, and cool for little ones to decorate. Set out acrylic paints and inspire kids to paint each shape with an Independence Day theme. After the shapes have dried, spray with acrylic sealer spray and glue pins to the back of each shape. Help little ones put on their pins to wear with patriotic pride!

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