These 100-Year-Old Twins Took the Best-Ever Photoshoot to Celebrate Their Birthday

How adorable are these centenarians?!

14-These-Twins-Celebrating-Their-100th-BirthdayCourtesy Camila Lima

Twins share a special kind of bond, and reaching 100 is an exciting milestone for anyone—and these identical twins got to celebrate their centennial together. Maria Pignaton Pontin and Paulina Pignaton Pandolfi prepped for the big day with an adorable photo shoot with Brazilian photographer Camila Lima. October babies are more likely to live until 100!

01-These-Twins-Celebrating-Their-100th-BirthdayCourtesy Camila Lima

Lima saw that the twins’ 100th birthday was coming up on a local TV show. “I almost choked on my lunch because I found it very beautiful,” she says. The photographer, whose work normally focuses on young couples, wanted them to be her next subjects.

16-These-Twins-Celebrating-Their-100th-BirthdayCourtesy Camila Lima

The photographer got in touch with the family (Paulina has six children, 19 grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren; Maria has five children, 12 grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren) and set up the shoot to prepare for their May 20 birthday.

04-These-Twins-Celebrating-Their-100th-BirthdayCourtesy Camila Lima

The twins gussied up in pretty dresses and did their hair, and Lima did their makeup. Then they posed for some sassy shots that included a pink punch buggy, tutus, and kisses.

05-These-Twins-Celebrating-Their-100th-BirthdayCourtesy Camila Lima

Maria has always had good health, but Paulina has had bowel cancer and two heart attacks in the past, and doctors didn’t think she’d recover. But she’s made it to 100 and is definitely still kicking. “She is firm and strong,” says Lima.

13-These-Twins-Celebrating-Their-100th-BirthdayCourtesy Camila Lima

In fact, Lima, who has photographed other elderly people in the past, says the now 100-year-olds were some of her easiest subjects. They didn’t have any physical limitations or say they were tired at all during the photo shoot, she says.

The secret to the twins’ health? “They live between ‘tapas and kisses,’” says Lima.

15-These-Twins-Celebrating-Their-100th-BirthdayCourtesy Camila Lima

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