12 Tools Every Homeowner Must Own

Make sure your toolbox is properly stocked now so that you’ll be ready in a fix.

Every handyman’s toolbox should include these 12 must-haves:

1. Cordless drill: A 12-volt model will handle most drilling tasks.

2. 16-ounce hammer: Great for big and small jobs.

3. Angle square: Use it for layout, cut-line marking or to check corners for squareness.

4. Multihead screwdriver: You’ll need Phillips and slotted tips for most household projects.

5. Pry bar: Use it to dismantle framing, pull nails and remove moldings, and for demolition.

6. Utility knife: Great for cutting vinyl floor-ing, roofing shingles and building materials.

7. 25-foot tape measure: Compact for small-scale work, but stretches for bigger chores.

8. Adjustable wrench: A 10-inch model is the perfect size.

9. Chalk line: Use it to snap straight guidelines for cutting plywood or laying floor tile.

10. Non-contact voltage tester: A must for electrical repairs.

11. Circular saw: Look for 12 amps minimum, to cut metal and concrete with the appropriate blade.

12. 24-inch level: For big and small tasks.

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest