2 Weird Things to Fuel Your Workout

Try these snacks to boost your performance and recovery.

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Your Kids’ Chocolate Milk

Usually after a workout, our plans involve a tall glass of water and some quality time with the couch. But Best You friend Lauren Antonucci, RD, owner and director of Nutrition Energy in New York City, suggests we take it a step further after a tangle with the treadmill.  “Research has shown that you’ll be less sore the next day if you take in fluids, carbs, and some protein during this window of time,” says Lauren. A good one-cup antidote? Chocolate milk. Two recent studies found that cyclists who drank chocolate milk after their workouts recovered faster than those who sipped a sports drink similar to Gatorade. If this kids’ staple isn’t for you, Lauren says a fruit smoothie made with soymilk, multi-grain pancakes with Greek yogurt and fruit, or cheese and crackers can have the same effect. Just make the portions small, Lauren reminds. If you exercise hard for 30 to 60 minutes, you only need 150 to 200 calories to refuel in the following half hour. Child’s play.

Your Grandmother’s Prunes

Today the prune gets a new lease on life. Best You friend Bahram Arjmandi, a nutrition researcher at Florida State University, has discovered that this lowly fruit is the best among its food group for superior bone-building. Consuming ten dried plums a day has a miracle-like effect, but just three a day will do. So put down the milk carton and pop a few prunes—now they’re good for something else.

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