20 Most-Googled Christmas Cookie Terms

Do you know what they mean?

Ree Drummond's Christmas cutoutsBecause we love ourselves a sweet list, we asked Google staff to share the past year’s most-searched Christmas cookie terms. While good old-fashioned sugar cookies were the most popular, peanut butter seems to be a key ingredient for many American bakers. Preheat your ovens!

1. sugar cookies
2. eggnog
3. peanut butter cookies
4. peanut butter balls
5. peanut butter fudge
6. royal icing
7. buckeyes
8. buttercream frosting
9. spritz
10. peanut blossoms
11. cannoli
12. thumbprint cookies
13. pumpkin roll
14. snickerdoodles
15. peanut butter pie
16. cranberry cookies
17. chocolate sugar cookies
18. lemon bars
19. stollen
20. haystacks

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