20 Reasons You’re Happy You Don’t Live in Winterfell

Sometimes it looks glamorous: the castle, the feasts, the silk dresses and the gold (assuming you keep you hand, of course). But despite the medieval glam, living in Winterfell wouldn't be all that peachy. Here, why you should be thankful for your 6th floor walk-up any day.

There are no umbrellas—yet winter is always coming.

Losing your cell phone is the least of your worries.

Not being the favorite means missing out on the crown, the castle and, you know, a kingdom or two.

You don’t have to worry about war if you’re a woman (since you’ll have no rights).

But you will have to worry about getting shot by an arrow for absolutely no reason at all.

You can’t go a day without being challenged to a sword fight.

Windows don’t have child safety rails.

Walking around after 6 PM is a fire hazard.

Waiting for the bus takes forever (because mass transit doesn’t exist yet).

Giants are real…

And so are alien bugs…

And zombie Santa Claus.

To top it all off, there are dragons…

Which are kind of cute when they’re on leashes…

But not cute when they’re doing this.

If they burn down your house, don’t expect any help.

There’s also no such thing as college.

Straws have not yet been invented.

And you’re not at Hogwarts.

Let’s just say 2013 is knocking at your door. We think you should go answer it.

All images from Tumblr: “Game of Thrones” tag

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