The 2016 Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands in America

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From what you eat to what keeps your family happy and healthy, brands are trusted because they’re reliable enough to become part of your everyday story. We asked Americans to vote for the brands they trust across 40+ categories of products and services. Here are the stories behind the 2016 Trusted Brands.

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Mouthwash: Listerine

50%: Amount of people who suffer from chronic bad breath, according to the American Dental Association. Listerine was originally invented as a surgical antiseptic (its name even comes from the founding father of antiseptics, Dr. Joseph Lister). Listerine was marketed to dentists as early as 1895, but didn’t gain its mouth-freshening reputation until the formula’s owners coined the term “halitosis” in a series of 1920s ads.

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Cereal: Kellogg’s

48%: Amount of Americans who add chocolate milk to their morning cereal, according to a recent survey by Kellogg’s (weirder still: 8% said they add juice). The first Kellogg’s cereal began with a flubbed attempt to make granola when sanitarium worker W. K. Kellogg accidentally turned wheat berry into flakes. He tried flaking corn next, and in 1906 Kellogg’s Corn Flakes hit the market.

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Car: Toyota

80%: Amount of Toyota vehicles sold 20 years ago that are still on the road today. The Toyota Motor Corporation began with strings attached—literally. Kiichiro Toyoda founded the company in 1937 as a spinoff of his father’s Toyoda Automatic Loom Works business, a pioneer in automatic weaving machinery.

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SUV/Crossover: Ford

28 mph: The top speed of the very first Ford Model A when it rolled out of Henry Ford’s Detroit workshop in 1903. A Chicago dentist snagged that cherry-red ride for $850 (about $23,000 today). By December 1915, Ford produced its one-millionth car. A century later, Ford remains a family-owned company, employing more than 187,000 people, including executive chairman William Clay Ford Jr., Henry Ford’s great-grandson.

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Laundry detergent: Tide

8–10 loads: The amount of laundry an average American family cleans each week. Americans spend more on Tide laundry detergent annually than on Halloween candy or weight-loss products—$2.8 billion a year. We may be tied to Tide now, but inventing it was a lot more complicated than lather, rinse, repeat: Procter & Gamble scientist Dick Byerly put in 14 years of trial and error before he came up with the Tide formula, which debuted in 1946.

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Bank: Chase

217 years: How long Chase Bank has been in the business of keeping money safe. American politician and Alexander Hamilton frenemy Aaron Burr founded Chase’s earliest iteration, the Bank of the Manhattan Company, in 1799, and the company still keeps the infamous Burr-Hamilton dueling pistols displayed in their New York headquarters.

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Congratulations to the remaining winners that have earned America’s trust!

Airline: Southwest

Allergy Relief: Benadryl

Automotive Insurance: State Farm

Body Lotion/Moisturizer: Aveeno

Bottled Water: Dasani

Coffee: Folgers

Cold & Flu Remedy: NyQuil

Eye Care Product/Eye Health: Visine

Facial Moisturizer/Cream: Olay

Hair Color: L’Oréal

Headache/Pain Reliever: Advil

Household Cleaning Product: Lysol

Investment Firm: Fidelity

Cruise Line: Carnival

Juice: Tropicana

Small Kitchen Appliance: KitchenAid

Life Insurance Company: MetLife

Mass Merchandiser Retail Store: Walmart

Mobile Phone: Apple

National Hotel Chain/Resort: Marriott

National Pharmacy/Drugstore: CVS

Nutrition Bars: Clif Bar

Household Air Freshener/Deodorizer: Febreze

Computer: Dell

Fast Food/Casual Dining: McDonald’s

Pet Food: Purina

Salad Dressing: Kraft

Soap/Body Wash: Dove

Vitamin/Herbal Supplement: Nature Made

Soup: Campbell’s

Weight Loss System: Weight Watchers

Wireless Provider: Verizon

Yogurt: Yoplait

Credit Card: Visa

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