These Were 2017’s Highest-Paying Professions

Money isn't everything, but it sure is important when it comes to your job. In 2017, these were the highest-paying professions in the United States.


Let’s face it: The chances of you hitting the lottery or falling into a massive inheritance are slim. So if you really want to earn the big bucks, it all narrows down to the profession you choose.

A good place to start would probably be to avoid majoring in these subjects in college. Next, it’s best to steer clear of the service field. According to CareerCast, a job listing site, service jobs are the lowest-paying professions. As for which jobs bring home the most bacon, CareerCast has compiled its annual “Highest-Paying Jobs” report for 2017, and it’s chock-full of good news [for people who went to medical school.]

The rankings were compiled using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics through 2028. These were the year’s top 10 highest-paying professions:

  1. Surgeon – Median Salary: $409,665
  2. Orthodontist – Median Salary: $208,000
  3. Psychiatrist – Median Salary: $194,740
  4. General Practice Physician – Median Salary: $190,490
  5. Senior Corporate Executive – Median Salary: $181,210
  6. Dentist – Median Salary: $153,900
  7. Petroleum Engineer – Median Salary: $128,230
  8. Podiatrist – Median Salary: $124,830
  9. Air Traffic Controller – Median Salary: $122,410
  10. Pharmacist – Median Salary: $122,230

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