Over 250,000 People Have Tried to Solve This Riddle

Even people without a license can come up with the answer to this driving riddle.

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RD.com has too many riddles, jokes, and trivia questions to count. Our deep appreciation for a good joke just as much as a good riddle means we are always scouting for the best ones. Equally impressive as our countless mind-bending puzzles are how many people are trying to solve this one, lone riddle.

According to our data, it is the single most popular joke of the year on RD.com with more than 250,000 people attempting to solve the riddle. Of course, you’ll want to see if you have what it takes to come up with the correct response, too. Here’s the riddle:

A man was driving a truck. His headlights weren’t on, and the moon wasn’t out. Ahead of him, a woman dressed in all black started crossing the road. Fortunately, the man braked so she could cross. How did he see her? 

Need a hint? To solve it, you need to consider all the factors that play into not only seeing, but driving, too. What do you need to see as well as to drive? Take a minute to think it over before scrolling down for the answer. And if number riddles are more your speed, here are the 12 math riddles only the smartest people can get right.

Ready for the answer?

It was the middle of the day! The major clue in the riddle is that the headlights weren’t on and moon wasn’t up. Those details are in there to misdirect you and make you think of nighttime, when not having those things would make for some dark, dangerous driving. But the riddle never actually specifies the time of day. Don’t miss the video below with even more short riddles. If you need extra practice, try using this study tool. Then, put your mind to work and check out the 25 hardest riddles, ever.

Emily DiNuzzo
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