3 Kitchen Shortcuts From All Over

Save precious time with these cooking tricks.

Kitchen ShortcutsPhotographed by Francesco Tonelli

1. No need to make a fine mince of onions, garlic, or herbs, Food Matters author Mark Bittman tells lifehacker.com. “I think mincing came into vogue when French cooking became popular. It doesn’t matter.” Chopping is just fine.

2. Map your oven to see where the hot spots are (most likely the center and back of the oven): Heat the broiler and line a cookie sheet with a layer of white bread slices, suggests Cook’s Illustrated. When all the slices have started to brown, take the pan out and carefully snap a photo. If you post the photo near the oven, you’ll know how to turn the pan for even cooking.

3. Don’t throw away that mustard jar. Instead of scraping out the last bit, a Cook’s Country reader suggests, add oil, vinegar, and spices. Shake the jar and you have vinaigrette for your salad—and no wasted mustard.

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