3 Quick Ways to Reduce Stress

Next time your stress levels hit critical levels, try one of these easy stress reduction tips.

Between meeting deadlines, making dentist appointments, and remembering to buy milk, it’s easy for anyone to get stressed. But luckily, staying calm and peaceful no matter what is happening on the outside isn’t as hard as it might sound. Next time your stress levels are starting to hit critical levels, try one of these three easy de-stressing tips.

1. Close your eyes
Take a few moments to daydream. Picture yourself laying out on the beach or simply curled up reading a favorite book. By taking your mind and thoughts away from meeting that deadline, you will immediately feel a sense of calmness.

2. Just breathe
Taking full, deep breaths is an easy way to relax. Inhale and fill your belly with the breath, and then slowly let it out. Feel your chest and your belly release each time and see if you can breathe more deeply with each breath. Do this ten times.

3. Relax your muscles
In this exercise, focus on slowly tensing and then relaxing your muscles. If you’re sitting at a desk, tighten your leg muscles for a few seconds and then release. Move slowly up your body, ending at your face. Or, you can begin with your face and shoulders and end at your toes.

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest