3 Ways to Hide Wrinkles in Plain Sight

Ready to fool the eye? Here's how -- no facelift required!

1. Hide wrinkles with a bright smile.
Discolored, stained, or simply dull-looking teeth can add years to your smile–and your face. Invest in an over-the-counter tooth-whitening kit for a brighter smile, or see your dentist.

2. Hide wrinkles with a great haircut.
Now’s the time for a flattering new style. Ask the stylist about color choices, too. If you’ve never had highlights, consider adding them; they give dimension to colored hair.

3. Hide wrinkles with new eyebrows.
The right eyebrow shape can change your face almost as radically as a face-lift. Make an appointment to have your brows waxed or plucked at a good local salon (ask your friends for a recommendation). Then return for touchups or buy a good pair of tweezers and follow the contours to maintain your new shape.

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