3 Ways to Save Money Using Your Dishwasher

New habits could save you money.

1. Laziness can pay off.

Let your dishwasher do all the work. Wait until the machine is full to run it. Then happily note that if you had washed the dishes by hand, you would have used about two-thirds more water.

2. Let the disposal help the dishwasher.

Prevent clogs in your dishwasher — and a plumber’s bill — by running cold water through your disposal for 30 seconds before you use your dishwasher. The water will flush out any garbage caught in the disposal, which otherwise could get drawn into the dishwasher’s drain line and possibly block it.

3. Try some white vinegar.

Make your dishes shine by running the dishwasher with white vinegar. You’ll save about $4 on dishwasher rinsing aids every time you don’t have to buy more rinsing aids.

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