4 Great Ways to Showcase Your Photos

How to display your favorite photos.

As a working mother of a baby and a pre-schooler, my ambition of chronicling every last milestone and memory in my kids’ lives is just that. After my son was born, I promised to turn our digital photos into albums for every year of his life. It started off well but after my daughter was born I had even less time. I needed a push – some creative motivation. So I started looking for new ways to showcase our family photos and found these 4 ideas.

1. For the Chronicler of Special Occasions
Want to create a photo book of your family reunion or kid’s birthday? Group Story is a new service that allows groups of people who attended the same event to share their photos in a single space. Once enough of your family and friends upload photos and memories, you can merge what you like from the pool of images to create your own unique book. Entry level books are $12.99 for 20 pages.

2. For the Poetic Storyteller
Project Alphabet lets you create alphabet or counting books with your photos. Use images you already have or plan poses to work with letters and numbers. As the folks at parents.com put it, your kids will be more excited to learn once they see themselves in print. Upload your photos to a template, print a PDF (yup, it’s free) and you’ve got your album.

photo book
Photozini easily turns your photos into a magazine.

3. For the Time-Starved Mom
Photozini lets you turn your photos into a gorgeous magazine with little time and effort. For $50, you get a kit with a USB card that allows you to copy up to 150 photos. Send back the kit in a pre-paid envelope and they’ll do the rest. It’s not the cheapest option, but the convenience and quality of the books makes it worth it. Extra copies are $20 a pop.

4. For the Facebook Addict
If you regularly share photos on Facebook, Hot Prints is worth a try. Grab photos from your Facebook page (or your desktop if you prefer), and turn them into a free photo book. The site currently allows you to make 4 free photo books per month per user. The catch? Each book has a few ads in the middle which can easily be ripped out. Or, you can pay for an ad-free version.

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