4th of July Staycation Guide: Fun at Home

This Independence Day can be packed with 4th of July fun—including backyard games, festive decorations, fireworks, and everyone's favorite grilled foods.

Whether you enjoy this year’s fireworks at a socially distanced public gathering or in the privacy of your own backyard it will be one for the history books, for sure. Here are some fun facts for trivia buffs, and lots of suggestions to make your celebration a joyous, safe, and memorable one.

Historical fun facts

Did you know Independence Day was really the 2nd of July? And it may seem like this whole day is devoted to the “pursuit of happiness,” but that phrase wasn’t even included in the original draft of the Declaration of Independence. Learn why Ben Franklin wanted it in—and other little-known facts about the 4th of July.

Inspiring photos of America

Nothing says “America the Beautiful” like inspiring photos of our country. Here are some photos of July 4th celebrations through the decades and more recent photos from you, our readers, on how you see America.

Fantastic fireworks

Fireworks have been part of America’s celebration since the very first Independence Day celebration in 1777, and the Fourth wouldn’t be the same without them. Luckily, there’s more than one way to get your fix this year.

Patriotic decorations

Three cheers for the red, white, and blue! Bring the celebration home by flying the nation’s colors. From flags to wreaths to welcome mats, festive decor can be a way of waving “Happy Fourth” to your neighbors.

Staycation celebration ideas

You can celebrate the day—and still “flatten the curve” of COVID-19–by throwing an intimate backyard bash for your immediate family. Then share your pics widely on social for extended family members and friends to enjoy.

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Food and drink

This year’s BBQ could be your best 4th of July spread ever, thanks to these recipes and party tips from our sister site Taste of Home.

Healthy grilling advice

And grilled food can be some of the healthiest food, with these tips from our sister site The Healthy.