5 Cheap and Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Simple and affordable ways to give your bedroom a makeover.

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1. Dollar store mirrored planter boxes All you need for this is beveled mirrors from the dollar store and a hot glue gun. Form a box with the mirrors and glue the edges together and voila, you’ll have classy glass planters for your nightstand. See the detailed how-to here.
Art of Doing Stuff

2. Add an antique rug for less. Bring some Eastern flair to your bedroom by visiting the Pakobel Rugs eBay store. You’ll find antique, handmade rugs (Persian, Kashmiri, and more) at bargain prices. It’s even possible to score a gorgeous rug for $40.

3. Wall art for $4.95. Frame gift wrap paper from Papyrus to create wall art. This stationery store creates stunning and exquisite prints that are a welcome departure from the usual kitschy gift wraps. Choose one focal print or mix and match a series of small prints to liven up your bedroom walls.

4. Unique photo display. For an interesting and eye-catching way to display pictures, tack a coat rack on a wall and use ribbons to hang your family pictures from the hooks.
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5. Transform plain curtains with fashion beads. For a striking and affordable window treatment, buy plain drapes and transform them by sticking on fashion beads. Fashion beads are available at any craft store (you’ll need beads mixed with glue). See the detailed how-to here.

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