5 Fabulous Ideas for Summer Entertaining

We scoured our favorite blogs and websites looking for summer entertaining ideas that are both simple and inspired. Here’s five we absolutely adore.

1. Create a 2-minute display. This flower and votive table-topper is so elegant, no one will believe you pulled it together last-minute. It’s as simple as inserting votive candles into tall glass containers and attaching a dahlia (or your favorite flower) to the outside.
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2. Beat summer bulge with a skinny Mojito.
Leave it to Real Housewives of New York’s Bethenny Frankel to come up with an ingenious Mojito recipe that’s only 150 calories. Bring out the mint leaves and start mixing.
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3. Make the simplest and tastiest summer berry dessert ever.
For a healthy and delicious treat, try the Raspberry Lime Yogurt Tart. You don’t even have to prepare a tart shell. Just combine graham cracker crumbs, nuts, sugar, and butter for the base. Bake. Then layer on the yogurt and berries.
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4. Cheat with a readymade appetizer. What’s the best thing about Fillo Factory’s spinach and cheese Spanakopitas? They’re all-natural with zero trans fat. The pastry is light and flaky with a fresh-tasting filling. (Buy at Whole Foods or BJ’s Wholesale Club.)
Check out Rachael Ray’s favorite frozen appetizers

5. Keep appetizers fresh on an ice serving tray. Here’s the perfect solution for outdoor parties. This chilled serving tray keeps your fruits, salads, and dips fresh all day long, and it rotates too.
Available for $35, at chefsresource.com

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