5 Flowers That Make for Sweet Desserts

Try cooking with flowers using these delicious dessert recipes.

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Lavender Cupcakes

These golden buttery cupcakes are an elegant yet tasty way to satisfy any sweet tooth. The fragrant lavender offers a subtle flavor that is easily complemented by a soothing cup of hot tea.

Rose Petal Ice Cream

Cool off this summer with a refreshing spoonful of this petal-infused, creamy dessert. Roses not only provide a natural sweetness to this cold delight but a pink appearance that makes one spoonful almost too pretty to eat.

Jasmine Tea Ganache

Try this delicious twist on your average chocolate ganache. This decadent dessert combined with the delicate sweetness of jasmine helps to create one surprisingly pleasing and rich bite.

Lemon Rosemary Cookies

Providing the perfect crunch of both sweet and savory, these light cookies are a great choice for any citrus lover. Rosemary adds a subtle zest that makes these cookies nearly irresistible.

Orange Calendula Drop Cookies

These yellow and gold flowers make for a tangy taste that when mixed with orange creates one flavorful bite. Add an almond half on top as garnish and you’ve got one tasty looking cookie.

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