5 Glittery Halloween Crafts for Kids

Add sparkle to this year’s Halloween crafts with glitter.

Add sparkle to this year’s Halloween crafts with glitter. Here are 5 easy glitter craft projects to kick off your Halloween and catch your trick-or-treater’s attention.

Spooky Witch Ornament
These fun, whimsical ornaments are the perfect potion for decorating success. Hang them around the house, on the porch, or on place settings for your Halloween guests.

Buzzy Bumblebee Costume
Outfit your little one with this cute, easy-to-make costume that sparkles. Your handiwork will definitely be the buzz of the block!

Halloween Cat Patrol
Head to the market and pick out the best acorn squashes to decorate and place around your home. Kids will love this easy craft and your house and feel “protected” by the watchful cats.

Frosted Glitter Pumpkin
Add elegance to your pumpkin with frosted decorations that are themed for the upcoming winter. No snowflake is alike, so have fun decorating with multiple shapes and sizes. This craft is perfect for Halloween or the winter season.

Pumpkin Picture Frames
Decorate your home and office with these pumpkins that will last for years to come. Make a few for friends or include them in Halloween goodie bags or care packages.

Plus: 8 Free Halloween Craft Printables

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