More Things Your Shoe Salesman Won’t Tell You

Keep these pointers in mind the next time you try on shoes.

1. Leave your emotional baggage at the door. If you’re angry at your kids or your spouse or your job, it’s not our fault. Don’t take it out on us.

2. If we come up to you and say “Hello” or “Can I help you?” don’t get defensive. We’re not trying to hustle you. We’re doing our job. And sometimes we’re just being friendly. Men especially are afraid they’re being trapped.

3. Don’t return a shoe and claim it hasn’t been worn when it has. We can tell.

4. Don’t blame us if you walk five miles a day on asphalt and your feet are sore—especially if you’re wearing those pumps you bought in L.A., where nobody walks.

5. We don’t mind getting you five or ten pairs of shoes—that’s our job—but it would be nice if you walked out the door with at least one pair.

Sources: Shoe salespeople in New York, Texas, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

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