5 Simple Ways to Save Money Right Now

We asked five experts in the financial industry to give us their best piece of advice for saving money.

hilarious texts from parents money1. Stop carrying credit cards. “If you leave the house with only enough cash to buy what you’re shopping for, you’re automatically unable to succumb to impulse buys, which often bust your budget… we’re more likely to overspend with pieces of plastic than real money.”

Source: Stacy Johnson, CPA and President of Moneytalksnews.com

2. Ask for a discount. “In this economy companies may be more willing to give you a ‘break.’ But you won’t get a deal unless you ask. Be reasonable. Come up with a figure you think is fair and ask for a price break. If you don’t get a ‘yes,’ ask to speak to the supervisor and state your case. Many times you will walk away with a discount.”

Source: Janice Lieberman, Contributing Editor to Reader’s Digest and author of Tricks of the Trade: A Consumer Survival Guide and How to Shop for a Husband

3. Wait it out. “For 30 days, promise yourself that you won’t make a single big-ticket purchase without waiting a full day. Next time you see something you like, ask the store to hold it for you until the next day. If you still want it 24 hours later, then it’s yours to buy… Whether your weakness is shoes, gadgets or candy bars at noon, this rule can save you big bucks.”

Source: Beth Kobliner, author of Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties and BethKobliner.com

4. Get your friends to motivate you. “In many cultures, saving is a group activity. By being vocal about your savings goals – whether it’s a wedding, down payment on a house or even a marathon donation – you can save more money, and do it more quickly by getting the support of friends and family.” Try share your financial goals with loved ones through popular, private social networking sites.

Source: Bob Weinschenk, CEO of SmartyPig.com

5. Do a price check. “Impulsive buying is one of the biggest mistakes people make when shopping online because you can pretty much guarantee you won’t be getting the best deal.” Instead, do your homework first. Check out price comparison sites to find out which retailers have the best deals, and find thousands of coupon codes to apply before checkout at sites.

Source: Christian Gordun, CEO and founder of Couponcraze.com

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