5 Ways to Make Traveling With Kids Easier

Taking the kids on your next vacation or road trip doesn’t have to spell disaster. With a bit of planning

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Taking the kids on your next vacation or road trip doesn’t have to spell disaster. With a bit of planning and a positive attitude, you’ll create a trip that everyone will enjoy.

1. Bring snacks

Hungry kids and unhealthy food choices on the road can spell disaster. Avoid the headache and save some money by packing healthy snacks before you set out on your trip. If you’re planning to travel by air, pack a small cooler filled with snacks, but leave the beverages at home since you won’t be able to get them through security. For road trips, pack extra bottles of water and a larger cooler with sandwiches and snacks in an easy-to-access part of the car.

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2. Have things to do

Make sure that each member of the family brings along something to do on the trip. Your bookworms need extra books, gamers will need plenty of batteries, and movie watchers will need a few extra DVDs for the trip. Bring along a few decks of card games, a plain notebook, and some crayons for some low-tech fun.

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3. Keep luggage simple

Keep travel costs low by packing light and taking just a few pieces of luggage. Excess luggage can cost more on some airlines and will be difficult for you to manage. The less luggage you have, the less likelihood that some of your luggage will go missing.  If you run out of clothing on your vacation, take an adventure to the laundromat.

4. Keep paperwork organized

One parent should be in charge of organizing paperwork for the trip. This includes tickets, passports, maps, hotel information, and any other travel documents. Keeping everything in one place will help keep instances of misplaced items and lost tickets at bay.

5. Expect the unexpected

Be flexible with your plans and with what everyone would like to do. If you’re behind “schedule” don’t fret, make the necessary arrangements, and enjoy your time together. Who knows, a detour here and there may make your vacation even more memorable.

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest