5 Ways to Reduce Clutter in Your Life

Do useless objects and worthless papers keep piling up in your home? Here’s how to cut the clutter painlessly.

Here are some steps to consider:

1.  Focus more on doing and being in your life, not having. Read these Steps to Mindfulness to get more out of your day.

2. Whenever you’re tempted to buy something, decide whether your buying impulse falls into the “worthwhile” or “future clutter” category. The worthwhile items will be just as worthwhile if you wait.

3. Buy cloth shopping bags and use them to cut down on bags you bring home.

4. Stop subscriptions to magazines that you somehow never get around to reading.

5. Instead of buying things that you’ll use just once or rarely ever, rent them.  The rule of thumb from MSN Money is to rent anything you use once a year like power tools. They also suggest renting DVDs from services like Netflix to avoid more clutter.

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