Digest Diet: Christina’s Weight-Loss Success Story

Sick of trying diet after diet, Christina found the Digest Diet curbed her cravings, boosted her energy and self-confidence—and also kicked her knee pain.

Christina Before and After the Digest DietErin Patrice O'Brien

Meet: Christina Ierace
Her weight before Digest Diet: 145 pounds
Her weight after: 134 pounds
Total lost: 11 pounds!
Inches lost: 7 total! 2 inches of belly fat!
Health gains: “My knees don’t hurt anymore.”
Also: Increased optimism and happiness; Vigorous activities feel easier

Christina, 26, is the ultimate
multitasker, working a full-time
job as a secretary, while also being
a full-time student. Burning the
candle at both ends definitely has its
downsides, though. “I stopped being
as active, and my metabolism slowed
down. It all just catches up to you.
I’ve only started gaining weight in my
twenties; it’s been hard.” The stress is
also affecting her life in other ways. “I
can definitely use better sleep. Also,
my right knee hurts, and I notice that
once I lose weight, it goes away.”

All of this motivated her to try
again to make a change that would
stick. But when she heard about the
diet from her aunt, she was a little
wary. She’d worked hard on diet after
diet, and all ended up disappointing
her. “I’ve tried the no-carb, low-carb,
and eating less, but I couldn’t handle it
because I was so hungry all the time.
I am sick of the yo-yo dieting and the
minimal and unstable results.”

She committed to and followed
the diet closely and was pleasantly
surprised to find that the foods fit her
busy lifestyle. “I really found it easy
when it was a shake for dinner,” she
says, referring to the Fast Release
phase. In later stages of the plan, she
loved the Big-Batch Roast Chicken
and what seems to be a
team favorite, the Peperonata with

She also found that moving
every day was key to sticking with it.
She made it a point to walk more,
squeezing in 10 minutes here or there
and asking friends to join her instead
of socializing over meals. “My friends
are very supportive and always want
to exercise or go bike riding.” Some
days were harder to exercise than
others, but worth it. “When I work
out, I don’t want to eat junk food
because I just worked my butt off.”
On the Digest Diet, she’s
flourished, losing the weight she
aimed to shed and discovering a
healthy life balance that works for her.
One of the first things she plans to
do next: Give herself a much-needed
vacation and revel in her newfound
self-confidence. “I just bought a size
four skirt yesterday! Instead of saying
that I want to go on a diet, I can just
say I want to stay the way I am.”

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest

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