The Story Behind This 51-Foot Long Love Letter Will Melt Your Heart a Little

When Isabel Forlenza's beau was overseas in the Korean War, she wrote him every day on a big roll of teletype paper. Turns out, she had a lot to say!

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I met my husband when we were both in the fifth grade, but I didn’t fall in love with him until I was 14.

During the Korean War, Manny was in the Army. In the beginning, I didn’t know where he was stationed or where he was going to be deployed. I wrote to him every day on a roll of teletype paper. I ended the letter on the same roll and continued this until I had an address to send it to. After 11 days, I received a letter from Manny from Tacoma, Washington. He was going to be deployed to an unknown location.

Around Valentine’s Day, I was finally able to send him my letter, which by that time was 51 feet long. As he was reading it, a sergeant passed and said, “What is that?” Manny replied, “My girlfriend wrote me a letter.” The sergeant said, “Soldier, don’t move—we want to get your photo taken. It will help boost the morale of the servicemen.”

Our marriage has lasted longer than that letter. We’ve spent 57 happy years together.

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Originally Published in Reminisce