6 Creative Easter Basket Ideas

Make Easter extra special by skipping the pre-made basket and creating a unique and personalized treat with your own artistic flair.

Creative Easter basketMake your child’s Easter extra special by skipping the pre-made baskets and crafting a special one around her or his interests.

Artist’s Easter Basket

Encourage your child’s artistic flair by filling a basket with watercolors, pads of paper, paintbrushes, pastels, crayons, glitter, coloring books, or finger paints. You could even throw in a beret.

Ocean Easter Basket

Fill your little sailor’s basket with blue marshmallow treats, blue (real) Easter eggs with sea stickers, candies in blue and green wrapping, blue bowed chocolate bunny, gold coins, saltwater taffy, water guns, water balloons, books on sea life or oceanography, an ocean coloring and activity book with colored pencils or crayons, and tickets to the nearest water park.

Healthy Easter Basket

Easter baskets don’t need to revolve around candy; plenty of other small gifts will light up your child’s Easter morning. Here are a few ideas: packets of balloons, raisins, small toys, packets of nuts, bath toys, crayons, dolls, books, jewelry, stickers, hats, sunglasses, model airplanes, plush animals, yo-yos, and playing cards.

Sporty Easter Basket

Fill a basket with all the accessories of your child’s favorite sport: baseball cap, softball, soccer T-shirt, ballet leotard, tutu, baseball cards, basketball shorts, photos of favorite players, and games related to the sport. And buy items in the favored team’s colors!

Garden Easter Basket

If your child has a green thumb, fill your basket with everything he or she will need to make a little garden grow. Include seed packets, sun hat, shovels, little watering can, and note they can even use the basket to collect what they harvest!

Color-Themed Easter Basket

Only include items in your child’s favorite color. For example, blue jelly beans, blue plush bear, blue sun hat, dried blueberries, blue crayons, blue jewelry, bunny with a blue bow, or blue socks.

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