6 Creative Valentine’s Day Cards

Try one of these alternatives to the standard store-bought options.

riricreations at Etsy turns out these charming custom cards.
This year, why not honor your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day with a card that’s a bit more original than what you can pick up at the mall? We especially like these six alternatives to the standard store-bought options.

1. An old-fashioned telegram oozes romance the way a mid-century honeymoon aboard The Queen Mary once did. Recreate the magic, complete with typewriter font, “stops” for periods and official-looking paper. $6.

2. Fill in the blanks, Mad Lib-style, and this site will generate a poem from the words you choose. There’s also a form that lets you create your own variation on Pablo Neruda’s “In My Twilight Sky.” Then write the results on a cool card like this one ($6).

3. Use a piece of decorative paper like this ($5) to make an origami heart by following these instructions. Tuck a photo of you and your sweetheart inside.

4. Give this artist the ten reasons you love your mate (up to 100 words) and she will custom-make a hand-lettered card ($22).

5. Or choose your favorite “initials-in-the-sand” photo here and give the artist the message would like her to use. She will then draw your love note on the beach, take a photo of it and send it to you as if you’d strolled along the shore yourself. $9.

6. There’s something so charming about old school Valentines, with their hand-painted cherubs and quaint messages. You’ll find thousands for sale at this site, from Victorian bouquets to Depression-era cartoons. Prices vary.

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