6 Breakfasts for a Slimmer You

Try these delicious, low-fat breakfast recipes.

Try these delicious, low-fat breakfast recipes.

Egg-White Omelet With Vegetable-Cheddar Filling
With this quick recipe, there’s no excuse not to have a healthy breakfast.

Blueberry Yogurt Crunch
In 5 quick minutes you can make this tasty, yet healthy, breakfast.

High Vitality Milk Shake
This satisfying “breakfast in a glass” makes a great energizing start to the day.

Zesty Cheddar-Asparagus Quiche
This quiche uses thin-sliced potatoes as a lower-calorie — but delicious– crust alternative to traditional pastry.

Quick French Toast
With this healthier version, now you can have your French toast and eat it too!

Orange-Banana Breakfast Smoothie
Wake up to this energizing breakfast smoothie!

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