6 Reasons Relationships End

Watch out for these six as big red flags that could lead to heartbreak.

Why did it end? We all ask that question when a relationship is falling apart. eHarmony notes the 10 Biggest Reasons You Get Dumped (Ouch!). Watch out for these six as big red flags that could lead to heartbreak.

Three Things You Cannot Change

1. Differences in religion
“It doesn’t matter, until it matters,” says eHarmony. Even some relatively secular people realize how important religion can become to them when marriage and children enter the picture.

2. You want marriage, he/she doesn’t
Whether this is your first or fifth marriage, if your partner is not on the same page, the relationship should not be continued. Even if you are in love, trying to convince someone to marry is not the way to a happy relationship.

3. You (or he) have met someone else
Don’t try to bargain the relationship back. Three’s a crowd, as they say, and it’s time to move on.

Three Behaviors That Can be Managed

1. Secrets
Unless you or your partner are involved in serious addictions or illegal behavior, open up and communicate about your lives.

2. Jealousy
Subtly or not, if you are threatened by your partner’s friends, family, and co-workers it will become apparent. Either trust in him or move on. If your partner is displaying jealous behavior, don’t ignore it.

3. Spending issues
Financial difficulties can fall into the secrecy area of a relationship. Being honest about your money situation can help the relationship grow free of any waiting landmines. Never lie about money.

Source: eHarmony.com


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