6 Sites for Job Seekers to Bookmark Now

Looking for a job? Look no further. These sites will help you land your next gig.

There are more than 50,000 job-related websites in the United States, according to Fortune, which picked six sites and created “a curator’s guide to job-related content” so you won’t have to make your job search any more difficult than it already is:

1. The Riley Guide

2. The aggregators SmartBrief on Your Career and SmartBrief on Leadership

3. Quintessential Careers

4. The careers page at the Cuyahoga County Public Library

5. The blogs of the Harvard Business Review especially Peter Bregman’s

6. RiseSmart’s “100 top career blogs in English” calculated according to seven metrics

Once you take a look at some actual job opportunities, check out these dumb help-wanted ads that will make you laugh. 

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