6 Tips for Creative School Lunch Packing

When it comes to your child’s lunchbox, buying a new one for the new school year may be the most

When it comes to your child’s lunchbox, buying a new one for the new school year may be the most exciting part. It is the cycle of packing the lunchbox that can get boring for both you and your child. Follow these 6 tips to make sure your child comes home from school with a big smile and an empty lunchbox.

1. Pick a theme

We all know that children have a wild imagination, so why not let it blend with lunchtime? Try a tea party theme with finger sandwiches and grapes on little doll plates, or a backwards lunch theme with inside-out sandwiches and instructions to eat dessert first!

2. Cut it out

The same sandwich everyday can get bland and boring. Make that simple sandwich stand-out by using a cookie cutter to create exciting shapes that your child will love.

3. Make a face

Just because your child has a lunch box does not mean you have to get rid of good ol’ brown paper bags. Wrap your child’s lunch in a brown bag and stick on some googly eyes and felt stickers for a smiley surprise. If you don’t have these items on hand, even a crayon-drawn face will make your child’s lunch look more appealing.

4. Add a burst of color

Need a quick and easy way to make your child’s lunchbox more fun? Just add color. Try flipping cupcake liners inside out and putting them in snack containers, colored side facing up. Color can also come in the form of different types of fresh fruits and veggies.

5. Take the time to teach

Multitask by sneaking some learning into lunchtime. You can leave a word of the day inside your child’s lunchbox or arithmetic cards to accompany small foods. Not only will they be willing to participate, but your child will look forward to the next day’s lessons.

6. P.S. Leave a Note

Leaving a note will ease the rough transition from summer to school by showing your support even when you’re not there. Plus, as a parent, you will feel a sense of comfort knowing that your child is reading your note at lunchtime.

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Sources: KitchenDaily, familyfun.go.com

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