6 Unusual Uses for Paintbrushes

Use for delicate dusting A feather duster or dust rag is fine for cleaning shelves and such, but neither one

Use for delicate dusting
A feather duster or dust rag is fine for cleaning shelves and such, but neither one is much good when you need to get into the tiny cracks and crevices of chandeliers, wicker furniture or baskets, and all sorts of knickknacks. That’s when a small natural-bristle paintbrush can be indispensable. The soft bristles are perfect for cleaning out areas that are otherwise impossible to reach. It’s also excellent for dusting delicate items such as porcelain or carved-wood figurines.

Brush off beach chairs
Keep a clean, dry paintbrush in your car specifically for those return trips from the beach. Use it to remove sand from beach chairs, towels, toys, the kids, and even yourself before you open the car door or trunk. You’ll wind up with a lot less to vacuum the next time you clean your vehicle.

Brush on the sauce
A small synthetic-bristle paintbrush can be invaluable in the kitchen. You can use it to brush on pie glaze, marinades, and sauces while baking or roasting. You can also use it to paint on the barbecue sauce when grilling burgers and steaks in the great outdoors. To top it all off, a paintbrush is easier to clean than most conventional pastry brushes.

Apply stain remover to clothes
Let’s face it: Pouring detergent or stain remover onto a soiled garment is often a hit-or-miss proposition — and when you miss, it usually involves grabbing the paper towels to soak up a spill. Make life easier for yourself. Use a small paintbrush to apply liquid stain remover to dirty shirt collars and such. It’s neater and a lot more accurate.

Clean your window screens
Are your window screens screaming out for a good cleaning? Use a large, clean paintbrush to give them a good dusting. Then shake off the brush, dip it into a small dish of kerosene, and “paint” both sides of your screens. Dry off the mesh with a clean cloth.

Cover up seeds when sowing
Sow your seeds with a little TLC. When planting seeds in rows, use a large paintbrush to gently brush them over with soil. This lets you distribute the exact amount of soil needed and prevents overpacking.

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