7 Essentials for Summer Running

These tips will help you stay comfortable through the hot months.

1. Running skirt – Where fashion meets exercise. Women are sporting these skirts (with shorts attached underneath) more and more as an alternative to traditional running gear —  they will keep you cool and trendy in the summer heat.

2. CamelBak -Stay hydrated on your long runs with a CamelBak. Choose from three different types of styles: backpack, fanny pack, or hand held and fill with water or your favorite sports drink.

3. Organic Honey Stingers – If you are running more than 45 minutes, you should consider taking in some calories to keep yourself properly fueled. These chews are organic, tasty, and easy to take in while running.

4. Bondi Bands – Keep sweat at bay with these headbands that wick away sweat from your forehead. Made for men and women these headbands come in different colors and patterns and will stay in place no matter how many miles you are pounding out.

5. Body Glide with Sunscreen – Sweat and chafing go hand-in-hand when running in the summer. Prepare for your long runs by applying body glide with sunscreen in any area you think you may experience chafing.

6. SPIbelt – Need a way to carry your running essentials? SPIbelts expand and contract depending on how much you put in them. Whether it’s keys, money, cell phone, or Organic Honey Stingers, this belt won’t budge as your run.

7. RoadID – Stay safe while you’re on the road in the heat by wearing a RoadID. Inscribed with your name, an emergency phone number, and any medical conditions, this bracelet could save your life.

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