7 Ways to Use Magnets

Check out this handful of useful and fun ideas for your magnet collection.

1. Find a Stud
A handsome man may be your goal but another stud (the metal kind) can be found by running a magnet along a wall. Before picking up your hammer, grab a magnet — and save yourself some fruitless pounding.

2. Child’s Play
You can make a wall in a child’s bedroom more fun by coating a wall with magnetized paint. Magnets — the flexible sheet kind — will stick to the painted area, allowing children to create a “magnetic” focal wall.

3. Seal a Vent
Reduce heating and air conditioning costs by preventing hot or cold air from entering unused rooms. Just cut some flexible sheet magnet to cover your metal registers. Your home will be more energy efficient and comfortable.

4. Book Marked
Advertising magnets can take over your fridge. If you are tired of looking at pizza and dry-cleaning mottos, cover one side of a magnet with colorful packing tape. Then trim the edges so they are flush and cut the magnet in half. Hinge the two pieces back together with another piece of tape. You can use the result as a bookmark.

5. Ear, Ear
What do you do with a single earring? If it’s pretty and you don’t want to let it go, glue it to a magnet and use it to stick photos on your refrigerator.

6. Magic Paper Clip
Drop a paper clip into a glass of water, and ask your friends if they can remove it without putting anything in the glass or dumping the water. Conceal a strong magnet between your fingers and touch the glass. After the paper clip attaches to the magnet, slowly move your hand up the glass. Your friends will be amazed at your “magic touch.”

7. True North
If you have a straight pin, a piece of cork, a bowl of water, and a strong magnet, you can amaze your kids. Rub the pin across the magnet 50 times (in the same direction). Then push the pin through the cork and put it in the water. The pin will point north, no matter how you twist the bowl. Check it against a compass if your children don’t believe you!

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