8 Cheap Ways to Watch Movies

You only have a limited time before the price of Netflix plans rise. Here are a few ways to enjoy the movies you love and keep the cash in your wallet.

Cheap Ways to Watch Movies
Enjoying your favorite movies shouldn’t break the bank.

September is right around the corner, which means you only have a limited time before the price of Netflix plans change. Here are a few great ways to watch movies you love and keep your cash in your wallet.

1. Set up a workplace DVD exchange.
Science has proven time and again that the honor system works. Keep things simple and free by designating an area of the office for people to exchange DVDs that would otherwise collect dust at home.

2. Upgrade to Amazon Prime.
Prime members can access Amazon’s library of 5,000 movie and TV titles, all unlimited, commercial-free, and instant for a $79 annual fee. In September, when Netflix plans to charge $7.99 for its one-DVD per month plan separately from its online streaming plan (also currently $7.99) the total will be $15.98 per month. If you were to subscribe to that for one year you’d be paying over $110.00 more than what it would cost you to sign up for Prime.

3. Visit your public library.
Movies are free. Bonus: Most libraries also carry DVDs of entire TV series. Even better, having your library card account number on hand will most likely let you order films your library might not have shelved. You can basically create a queue this way, and it costs a lot less!

4. Find a Red Box.
If you can return discs on time, Red Box only charges a little over a buck to see new releases.

5. Look up free screenings.
Google’s your best friend here. Look up local libraries and check their event listings. Lots of libraries show new releases to patrons and guests. If they don’t, ask if they can.

6. Use Free On Demand.
If you have On Demand and don’t know about the free movies section, you’ve just scored access to a handful of movies to consider the next weekend it rains.

7. Head to Hulu.
Certain titles are free. Some fans have even canceled cable to watch all their favorites for free on Hulu.com.

8. Visit Goodwill.
There’s no harm in looking up your local Goodwill and taking a trip to see what DVDs it’s selling. We’re betting the cost is far less than watching a Pay-Per-View flick for $2.95.

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