8 Old-Fashioned Words That Make You Sound Smart

Freck your eyes over these ludibrious definitions, and you'll be kenching in no time.

1. Freck

shirtless man doing yoga and frecking

2. Kench

Old-timey portrait of criminal man trying not to kench

3. Deliciate

Family deliciating in their cute baby

4. Brabble

1920s band with conductor brabbling

5. Ludibrious

Crazy girl with accordion looking ludibrious

6. Jollux

Fat cat with a monocle is angry you called him a jollux

7. Jargogle

Two old scientologists think your mind has been jargogled by Xenu

8. Sanguinolency

Heavy metal guitar song Sanguinolency is not appropriate for sick children

Can you use them all in a sentence?

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