8 Simple Time Saving Search Tricks

Instead of taking the long way around, go directly to Google. These tricks let you skip the multistep clicking and sifting that other sites require.

1. What’s playing at the multiplex? “Movies in” + your ZIP code gets you the list.

2. Where’s my package?
If you have the UPS, FedEx, or post office tracking code, type it in and you’ll have your answer.

3. Is it time to pick up Granny at LaGuardia, or can I wrap another present? Skip the unfriendly skies of an airline’s website. Type in the airline and a flight number and get the status.

4. Am I rich yet? The stock-ticker symbol and “stock” brings up the price of a share.

5. A pint is how many ounces? A dollar is how many euros? Fifteen hundred yards is how many miles? “Pint in ounces,” “dollar in euros,” or “1,500 yards in miles” gets you the conversions you need (16 ounces, 0.72 euros, and 0.85 miles).

6. Do I need an umbrella or snowshoes? “Weather” and your ZIP code tells you how to dress appropriately.

7. Who won? Type in the name of your baseball or football team and Google lets you know the score.

8. What time is it in Paris? “Paris time” tells you whether they’re eating croissants at breakfast or croque-monsieurs at lunch.

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