9 Ways to Prevent a Kitchen Fire

Learn how to prevent a kitchen fire from starting in your home.

More than half of house fires start in the kitchen so it makes good sense to learn how to prevent them and, if they do occur, how to extinguish them. I asked Jack Bishop of America’s Test Kitchen in Boston to offer some safe cooking tips.

1. Pat down poultry. If you are frying chicken, don’t put it into the frying pan wet. It can spark a grease fire.

2. Don’t wear billowy clothing. A bathrobe or loose apron could easily catch fire while you’re cooking.

3. If you are deep-frying only fill the pot 1/3 full of oil.

4. Don’t put out a grease fire with water, it will make it worse.

5. Close the oven door if your oven catches on fire. The fire will go out by itself.

6. Pull the plug if your microwave or toaster starts to spark.

7. Always have a fire extinguisher nearby and store it in a cool place.

8. Use baking powder to put out flames if you don’t have a fire extinguisher.

9. Don’t be a hero. When you are in doubt call 911.

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