10 Photos That Will Remind You There’s Still Good in the World

Watching the news might convince you there's no humanity left in the world, but these powerful photos prove otherwise.

Doing all they can

After the Las Vegas shooting, hundreds of people rushed out to donate blood—enough for the line at one donation center to wrap all the way through the parking lot and around the block. Check out these other random acts of kindness you can do today.

Lifting voices

In support of Vegas shooting victims and their families, more than 3,500 people showed up at a Canyon Ridge Christian Church vigil, raising candles and their voices in a demonstration of love. Here are 12 more stories to restore your faith in humanity.

Hold on tight

“ICU grandpa” David Deutchman visits intensive care units in Atlanta twice a week to hold babies whose parents can’t make it into the hospital that day. He’s been volunteering for 12 years. Don’t miss these other stories of life-changing random acts of kindness.

In loving memory

Act of kindness at girlfriend’s work from pics

One restaurant patron had watched her mom work hard as a waitress her whole life before passing away, so she left her server an extra-big tip. As in, a 144 percent tip of $68 in honor of what would have been her mother’s 68th birthday. “I hope this tip helps pay for an unforeseen bill, a trip for ice cream with your kids, or a much deserved mani/pedi,” the customer writes. Here are more inspiring stories of incredible generosity.

Clean cut

New York-based hair stylist Mark Bustos is dedicated to giving transformative haircuts for free. The “humanit-HAIR-rian” has traveled to perform these acts of kindness to homeless people and those in need in California, the Philippines, England, and more. Learn about another selfless barber who cuts kids’ hair for free.

A step beyond

tk-photos-that-prove-there-is-still-good-in-the-world-courtesy-Keshia-DotsonCourtesy Keshia Dotson
IHOP server Joe Thomas knew a couple of regulars, including one husband and his wife who had Huntington disease. Normally the husband would feed his wife before eating his own meal, but a viral Facebook post revealed that Thomas has begun to feed the customer so she and her husband can enjoy their food at the same time.

A decent meal

When one restaurant owner noticed someone digging through the trash in search of food, the owner had a message: “You’re a human being and worth more than a meal from a dumpster.” The owner offered a fresh meal, no questions asked. Read these compassion quotes to inspire more kindness.

Somebody to lean on

Following my appointment this morning to check on our growing baby boy, my husband and I stopped at Walmart in Evans to…

Posted by Brittany McKee on Thursday, August 24, 2017

When a woman collapsed in Walmart, a few people waited with her until an ambulance arrived. But store manager Jason went a step further and crawled onto the floor so the woman could lean against him. Don’t miss these true stories that show good karma is real.

Good impressions

Landing a job is more than just writing a good resume; first impressions count. That’s why one dry cleaner offered to wash outfits for unemployed people prepping for job interviews.

Good priorities

המקום – אוניברסיטה ידועה בירושלים.הקורס – התנהגות ארגונית.המרצה – ד"ר סידני אנגלברג. הארוע – בנה התינוק של אחת הסטודנ…

Posted by Sarit Fishbaine on Sunday, May 10, 2015

A university student brought her baby to class, but the child started to fidget. Instead of watching the mom miss class to comfort her child, the professor calmed the baby and continued teaching. Don’t miss these other inspiring acts of kindness teachers have done for their students.

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