The One Ingredient You Probably Don’t Add to Your Coffee (but Should!)

This simple hack will completely change the way you drink your coffee.

The-One-Ingredient-You’re-Not-Adding-to-Your-Coffee-(But-Totally-Should!)_129339416_Dima-SobkoDima Sobko/Shutterstock

Before we can even function like normal human beings in the morning, most of us need a cup of coffee. However, the way we take it varies widely. Some of us brew it at home while others just pop into the nearest coffee chain for a quick (yet delicious!) cup of Joe. Find out what happens to your body when you drink coffee every day.

No matter where you get your daily caffeine fix, you should never settle for a boring, bitter brew. (Like your coffee black? It could reveal a disturbing personality trait.) Adding more sugar isn’t always the answer, either—especially if you’re trying to cut the sweet stuff from your diet.

The solution? Just a pinch of salt can transform your a.m. coffee from harsh and acerbic to smooth and creamy, according to Cooking Light(If this coffee hack isn’t your cup of tea, try using salt in these clever ways instead.)

And this isn’t just some old wives’ tale. Throwing in a bit of salt to your coffee grounds can “neutralize” or cancel out the drink’s bitterness, research says. Cooking Light recommends pouring about 1/8 teaspoon of salt into the ground coffee beans before you place them in your coffee maker.

That’s not the only way you can get more bang for your brew. Other additions, like cocoa powder, cinnamon, lavender, and vanilla or coconut extract, can also jazz up your morning cuppa. So forget about Starbucks; your perfect cup of coffee awaits.

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[Source: Cooking Light]

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