This Major Airline Is Shutting Down for Good. Here’s What to Do with Your Tickets.

There's some good news and some bad news.

BerlinMarcus Krauss

After 39 years of operation, Air Berlin is shuttering its…wings. The airline was Germany’s second largest and the tenth largest in Europe in terms of passengers carried. The company filed for insolvency on August 15th and was unable to right the airship since, which leaves plenty of question marks about their flights booked beyond October. (This is why most airplanes are white, by the way.

Naturally, those flights will no longer exist. But whether or not you get a refund will be a bit complicated, according to Fast Times.

It all comes down to when you decided to book. If you were one of the people who had faith in the company and decided to book a flight after their insolvency filing date of August 15th, congratulations, you’ll either be getting a refund or will be booked on a different flight.

For those who booked a flight on August 15th, the outcome isn’t as glücklich, as our German friends across the pond would say. If you don’t speak the language, Glücklich means “happy,” and you won’t be happy because you will be receiving no refund. According to the Air Berlin website, insolvency regulations prevent them from providing a refund for customers who purchased a ticket before their insolvency date.

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