The Airport Security Line Just Got Slower Thanks to New TSA Security Measures

Put your hands in the air like you just don't care about longer security line wait times!

securityThaspol Sangsee

Airport security lines move slower than molasses in the arctic tundra—and according to Reuters, they’re about to start moving slower than molasses in an arctic tundra with shag carpeting (unless of course, you know about these programs that help speed you through airport security). 

October 26th marked the first day of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) new set of security measures for U.S. bound flights, which will include short interviews with officials at check-in or at the boarding gates and an inspection of personal electronic devices. In July, the TSA put a set of restrictions in place which required passengers to remove any electronic device larger than a cell phone from their luggage prior to screening. You’ll want to make sure you don’t have (or do) any of these things that are likely to get you flagged by the TSA, too. 

The new measures are being enacted so that airlines will not have to enact an in-cabin laptop ban for all airlines. In July, restrictions banning electronic devices from being present in carry-on luggage coming from 10 airports in eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa were lifted. The government stated after the ban was lifted that the restrictions could be reimposed if airlines did not strengthen their security protocols.

These heavier measures will affect all U.S. bound flights, but no domestic flights. On a daily basis, 325,000 passengers arrive in the U.S. via approximately 2,000 international flights. 

[Source: Reuters]

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