Yes, You Can Actually Spend Halloween Night in an “Alcatraz” Prison Cell — If You Dare!

Ready for the spookiest night's sleep of your life?

alcatrazMY stock/ShutterstockHalloween is a holiday for the thrill seekers. There are plenty of ways to celebrate—whether you choose to do something as simple as make Halloween crafts with the kids or one of these fun DIY Halloween decorations, stay in and watch super scary movies, get dressed up and play “undead” on the streets, or go completely out-of-the-box with a night in a jail cell. If you want to get seriously spooked on Halloween, why not do the latter?

The San Francisco Dungeon is offering a thrilling experiment this year. On October 30 and 31, those who are brave enough can actually sleepover in a recreated Alcatraz jail cell. For those who don’t know, Alcatraz Island is a mile and a half from Fisherman’s Wharf, and is the site of the first lighthouse built on the Pacific Coast, as well as a federal prison for notorious convicts, including the most famous of all, Al Capone.

The San Francisco Dungeon is part museum, part performance art, where the city’s intriguing and spooky past is dug up through menacing characters and shocking surprises. The chilling “Ghosts of Alcatraz” jail cell is among one of the biggest attractions. “As guests make their way through the city’s hysterically horrible history, they will be confronted by broken mirrors, open umbrellas, shadows of lurking black cats and ominous tokens of bad luck,” a press release reads. “The 60-minute journey of interactive storytelling and superstitions will be the Bay Area’s ultimate Halloween season destination.”

And now, for the first time ever, people are actually being given the opportunity to not just visit the jail, but reserve a bed for the night at a reconstructed Alcatraz prison cell in the Dungeon. “There is no place quite as thrilling as an underground dungeon in San Francisco,” said Todd Dunlap, managing director, Americas at, in a press release. “The San Francisco Dungeon is the ideal destination to visit this Halloween and we are excited to offer daring guests an exclusive opportunity to spend the night in a chilling prison cell.”

Offering not-so-comfortable accommodations that are available for you and up to three other friends for a price tag of $666, this type of experience is for those committed to getting into the Halloween spirit—and those not afraid of losing some shut-eye!

(Want to get in the Halloween spirit early? Brush up on your Halloween facts with these creepy real stories that happened on the spookiest night of the year.)

Available through, the experience includes:

  • Four twin-sized prison beds.
  • Prison PJs and midnight snacks.
  • A terrifying bedtime story from a Dungeon resident, who will then tuck you in.
  • VIP entry for each guest to the final San Francisco Dungeon show of the evening on the night of their stay.
  • And for those who make it through the night, breakfast in bed is provided, along with Dungeon swag like one Merlin Annual pass per guest (valued at $279 each), which provides access to more than 30 U.S. attractions.

Reservations opened on Friday, October 13, 2017 at 10:13 a.m. EST and are available on a first come, first serve basis. Can you handle it?

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