Aldi Has Giant, Food-Inspired Pool Floats Perfect for Summer

Your dream of relaxing on a giant slice of pizza in the middle of the pool? It just became a reality.

Imagine this: The weather is warm. The sun is shining. You’re ready to take a dip in the pool (maybe with one of these amazing summer cocktails). You want to soak up the sun’s rays after your refreshing swim, so you decide to hop on a pool float. How about a giant, colorful doughnut?

While you won’t see some things at Aldi anymore, the famous, giant food floats are not one of them. The Aldi pool floats for 2020 include the doughnut and a larger-than-life slice of pizza. Doughnut hit the pool this year without one of these tasty-looking floats!

Here’s why you need a food-shaped float

Well, the food floats won’t satisfy your hunger, but they have many other appetizing perks.

If you have any food Instagram-obsessed pool guests this summer, their faces will go full-on Heart Eyes Emoji when they see a giant inflatable doughnut floating in the water.

People who care about the aesthetic of their Instagram feed (or about the number of profiles views or users blocking them) know that a picture on a cute float can really make a summer pool snapshot. Plus, whatever creates a cute Instagram photo makes an even better-looking pool. The sparkling turquoise water with a colorful and photogenic slice of pizza or doughnut is—*kisses fingertips*—magnificent.

For anyone throwing a backyard bash, look no further than the Aldi pool floats. Just pair one of these with a White Claw and you’ve got yourself a whole afternoon of maximum relaxation.

How can I buy one?

Aldi is selling the trendy and fun pool floats for $5.99 right now. That’s pretty cheap compared to other food-inspired floats at $20-plus, so you’d be making a frugal choice by shopping for your floaty needs at Aldi. They’re also selling a gummy bear and popsicle float if you’ve got more of a summer sweet tooth. Keep in mind, though, these floats won’t be around for long—you better snatch these guys up while you can.

To make a real splash, pair the pool float with some of these must-have (and safety approved) summer BBQ items!

Originally Published on Taste of Home

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