These 6 Aldi Products Just Won Product of the Year Awards

Here are six products you need to try the next time you shop at Aldi.

When trying new products it can be hard to know what to trust. But with Aldi products, you can be pretty confident that you’re going to get something delicious and for a great price. So it comes as no surprise that they took six spots in this year’s Product of the Year Awards.

The Product of the Year USA Awards is the largest consumer-voted survey for product innovation. 40,000 consumers rate products across 41 unique categories including food, beverages, personal care, and household care. The survey accepts entries from consumer goods that demonstrate innovation in their function, design, packaging, or ingredients, and a category winner is selected through a nationally representative study. To clear things up, here’s the truth behind 10 popular Aldi rumors.

“For Product of the Year it’s always been about innovation; yesterday, today and tomorrow – that’s what we love, are laser-focused on and champion. Coupled with that, our unique process of polling 40,000 independent voters means shoppers, retailers, and manufacturers continue to genuinely trust the seal,” said Mike Nolan, Global CEO of Product of the Year Management.2020 sees new and exciting categories added that reflect the ever-changing face of innovation in the US, delivering us another great set of winners.”

Aldi products made the list of winners along with well-known brands like Mr. Clean, Cascade, Trident, PepsiCo, and Carmex. The categories Aldi won the top spot in are:

  • Cheese: Happy Farms Deli Sliced Cheese
  • Cookie: Simply Nature Coconut Cashew Crisps
  • Plant-Based Protein: Earth Grown Meatless Meatballs
  • Snack Pack: Park Street Deli Snack Selects Three Pack
  • Spreads: Countryside Creamery Pure Irish Butter
  • Wine: Quarter Cut Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cabernet Sauvignon

So add those award-winning snacks, spreads, wine, and these other things you should always buy at Aldi to your shopping list and get ready to make great meals while saving money.

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