All Cats, All the Time: New Cats-Only Social Network Launches

Now you can watch cats all the time.

Like Pinterest? Love cats? Have a bunch of friends that are sick of your compulsive need to share snapshots of your cat on social media? There’s a home for you now.

First brought to my attention by Kelly Faircloth on BetaBeat, a tech blog by the New York Observer, Catmoji is a one-stop shop for feline social networking. Why? To hear the site’s designers explain it, “Because the Internet love cats and we want to make the Internet a better and happier place with cats.”

You can browse cat photos by category—cute, funny, happy, sad, “surprise”—or pull up the latest or most popular. And there are user profiles with timelines, too: Check out Captain Fluffertton, for example.

Since it’s so recently launched, the community seems fairly small and you have to request an invite to join, but hey, it might be worthwhile for those of us who fill our Twitter feeds with an unending flood of furry goodness. It’s also a fun way to spend a few minutes and boost brainpower. Check it out.

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